To our friends and partners,

You have walked this journey with us, over the last 24 years, as your number one spot for all your styling and grooming needs. You have cheered us on as we scaled the heights and we in turn have consistently given you the cherished personal and professional services you can only find at Ashleys. It is thus, with uttermost difficulty, that we have chosen to take the socially responsible decision to temporarily close down all our branches in order to fully tackle the present challenge of the corona virus.

As a nation we have been shaken before but we have always triumphed through times of uncertainty. We are confident with God’s help and under this nation’s leadership, we shall emerge victorious once again. For now stay safe, stay at home and keep us all in your thoughts and prayers, as we shall too.

We shall be back and so will you.

Terry Mungai, EBS
Founder and CEO Ashleys Kenya Limited