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Do you have a desire to become a professional in hair and beauty?

Look no further as the professionals are now at your door step

We have Four Hair and Beauty Academies:

In all the top salons countrywide, you will find the best hair designers, beauticians and barbers are our graduates. Some are also working within East and Central Africa and abroad.

We have trained over 20,000 students of whom 90% are working in various Top Salons, Barbershops, Five Star Hotels and in other related industries.

We also offer fashion and design classes through our Ashleys School on fashion and design. Find Out More Here

The success of our company lies in the continuous endeavor of adopting new methodologies in cosmetology so as to remain abreast with the dynamic customer needs.

These are combined with professionalism, creativity, intelligence and an attractive working environment, exuding the very best ambience for our esteemed clients and loyal staff members.

You are here: Home | Ashleys Academy | Training Centres